TRICARE Supplement Insurance Plan

With healthcare costs on the rise, your TRICARE coverage may not be enough to offset your out-of-pocket expenses. We offer the MCA TRICARE Supplement Insurance Plan to help cover what TRICARE doesn't.

The MCA TRICARE Supplement works hand-in-hand with your TRICARE coverage to help pay more of your covered medical bill co-pays and cost-shares—including hospital stays, doctor visits, prescription drugs, and more.1

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Why Choose the TRICARE Supplement with MCA?

  • Guaranteed acceptance2: MCA members under age 65 cannot be turned down for this coverage
  • Dependable coverage: Your coverage cannot be cancelled—regardless of number of claims—up to age 65
  • Competitive rates: Enjoy affordable group rates negotiated exclusively for MCA members
  • Excess charges: Pays excess charges (up to 15% above the TRICARE-allowed amount)
  • Freedom: Choose any TRICARE-authorized doctor you want
  • Portable protection: This TRICARE supplement will stay with you even if you move or change jobs

Who Is Eligible for Coverage?

MCA members under age 65 and their families are eligible to enroll, including:

  • Military retirees and their families
  • Spouse and children of active duty members
  • TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS) members and their families
  • Dependents up to age 21 (23 if a full-time student) or under age 26 if enrolled in TRICARE Young Adult (TYA) program

Monthly Premium Rates

For annual premiums, multiply monthly rate by 12; for semi-annual, multiply by 6; and for quarterly, multiply by 3. Once your TRICARE supplement plan becomes effective, your premium rates will stay the same for the next 12 months. Premiums are based on each persons attained age and increase upon entry into each new age bracket. Rates and/or premiums may be changed on a class basis.

TRICARE Select Active Duty Family Supplement Plan

Active Duty Member Spouse Each Child & TRICARE Young Adult
N/A $10.89 $6.10

TRICARE Prime Retiree Supplement Plan

Member/Spouse Age Member/Spouse Rate
Under 40 $19.04
40-44 $20.66
45-49 $25.36
50-54 $30.91
55-59 $34.09
60-64 $36.45
65 & Over $38.04
Each Child or TRICARE Young Adult $14.26

TRICARE Select Retiree Supplement & TRICARE Retired Reserve Supplement Plans

Member/Spouse Age Member/Spouse Rate
Under 45 $33.86
45-49 $44.14
50-54 $55.59
55-59 $70.78
60-64 $78.49
65 and Over $78.49
Each Child or TRICARE Young Adult $32.71

TRICARE Reserve Select Supplement Plan

Member/Spouse Each Child
$8.60 $4.83

This website explains the general purpose of the insurance described, but in no way changes or affects the Master Policy AGP-5899 and AGP-5900 as actually issued. In the event of a discrepancy between this website and the policy, the terms of the policy apply. All benefits are subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. Policies underwritten by Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company detail exclusions, limitations, reduction of benefits and terms under which the policies may be continued in full or discontinued. Complete details are in the Certificate of Insurance issued to each insured individual and the Master Policy issued to the policyholder. This program may vary and may not be available to residents of all states.

1After all applicable deductibles and premiums are met.

2This policy is guaranteed acceptance, but it does contain a Pre-Existing Condition Limitation. Please refer to the brochure for more information on exclusions and limitations, such as Pre-Existing Conditions.

The Hartford® is The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries, including issuing company Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company. Home Office is Hartford, CT, 06155.

TRICARE Form Series includes GBD-3000, GBD-3100, or state equivalent.